Thursday 5th March - Unable to access city centre
Hi Guys, On Thursday 5th March starting at 12 is the St Piran Day parade in Truro. Due to this event we will be unable to access the city centre, Victoria square and Boscawen street. Passengers will need to go to Morlaix which is beside Marks & Spencers to catch the bus...
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Western Greyhound mobile app
We're excited to announce that we will soon have an iPhone app and Android app available on app stores. The apps will allow you to view timetables, stop times, latest updates and more. We're also exploring the opportunity of implementing mobile ticketing which will h...
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Route 510 discontinued
In December 2014, Western Greyhound changed management and since then, we have been in a transition period, which, importantly, has included a review of the commercial network. The outcome of this is the decision to discontinue operating the 510 service. Devon County Council...
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