Here’s how to fuck for free [ my story ]

By | August 27, 2018


Finding a fuckbuddy isn’t really much of concern when you’re browsing cam sites, looking for the perfect cam girl. It wasn’t on my mind either until that magic message appeared in my inbox. ┬áBut getting to fuck for free does not have to be a hassle thanks to the internet and smart phones.

  • Pleasantly Surprised

    When I woke up that day, I didn’t expect to go to bed with a drop dead gorgeous babe that same day – especially considering that I had been watching camgirls strip for 4 hours prior.

    It all started when I was feeling a slight urge to charm my snake at about 4 pm. I did not stop beating said meat till about 8. Turns out time really does fly when you’re having fun.

    Anyways, with my rod freshly polished, my eyes started to get heavier and heavier. Feverishly masturbating for hours can really take the life out of you. Right when I started to nod off, I heard my computer ‘ding.’

    I look up to see that I just received a message from one of the bodacious babes I was messaging on the site, and I couldn’t believe it. She said she wanted to have a private chat session totally on her! How could I say no?

  • The Plan

    I went into this situation with so much caution; I felt like I was defusing a bomb. One wrong move and I could blow my one chance to fuck for the first time in months. I wasn’t going to mess this up.

    She and I start chatting, I crack a few jokes and so does she. She said she couldn’t believe I was on her cam page so much because I was such an attractive guy. She said this and many other flattering compliments to me.

    So she was either flirting with me or trying to steal my identity. Either way, I was down as long as she kept the flattery coming. I decided to start asking her some personal questions to see if she might actually be interested in hanging out with me after hours if you know what I mean.

  • Unexpected Results

    After a couple of hours of chatting, I was finally building up the nerve to ask her what she was doing later this week. She told me she wasn’t working at all the next two days and asked me if I wanted to come over to her place for a movie.

    I’m ecstatic. I never thought she would be down for the naked tango with yours truly. We trade phone numbers, and she sends me her address the next day. I was either going to get laid or mugged. Maybe even both. I didn’t care because this opportunity was too great to pass up.

    Arriving at her house, I noticed there was more than one car in her driveway but didn’t pay much mind to it. It wasn’t until I knocked on the door that I realized that she was not alone.

    Sitting on the couch was my girl but answering the door was this babe ever hotter than the cam girl; her roommate. I introduce myself, and things are going good, but after chatting on the couch for a bit, I noticed her roommate wouldn’t leave the room.

    We turned the movie on, and I shit you not, these girls are BOTH cuddling with me. I finally realized what the fuck was going on and reached a new level of sexual nirvana shortly after that. Multiple times.

    Now I go over to their house every other day for a “movie,” and my little man couldn’t be happier. Plus I didn’t get mugged which was sick.