3 Unexpected Things About Taking a Greyhound Bus

1.) Their Anti-Discrimination Laws are For Real.

Back in the year 2008, Tim McLean, who was a 22-year-old man travelling on a Greyhound bus, had fallen asleep on this particular Canadian Greyhound travelling from Edmonton to Winnipeg, when the person sitting next to him, 40-year-old crazy person, Vince Weiguang Li, whipped out a “big Rambo knife” and began to casually stab Tim in the chest and the neck while the other passengers flipped the hell out and obviously fled the bus. Li then proceeded to saw off McLean’s head and held it up for the crowd outside to see, before slicing him up a little more and chowing down some of the flesh. When the Canadian cops finally got a hold of the knife-holding Li down with a taser, they discovered McLean’s ear, nose, and tongue all piled into the psychopath’s pockets. The court trial found Li to be mentally unstable because he believed that God had told him to kill McLean because he was an evil alien. This being said, Greyhound will let anyone on the bus. Watch out for psychotic cannibals.

2.) Health and Safety Checks Are Clearly Done Maybe Once a Year

In what could only really be explained as something straight out of a horror film, one time, passengers on a Greyhound bus coming out from Atlantic City on their way to New York got a hint of a living, breathing plague in March of 2013. While the people on board the bus were only wanting to sit through a quaint bus ride from the depressing, seaside casino town – a journey that by itself is pretty crappy – they were startled and terrified when a cockroach invasion took over the interior of the bus. Passengers spoke of roaches legit pouring out of air vents and raining down from the ceiling, crawling across everyone’s body, resting themselves into the hair of the passengers, and crawling into their purses and suitcases. When you envision Greyhound stowaway, you probably see a serial-killer-on-the-run, however, this is an almost unfeasible and much more nauseating option.

3.) Free Wi-fi and Power outlets

Wi-Fi is completely free on all Greyhound buses, for every passenger to utilize. The company views it as a must-have in this day and age, and it is seen as a premium feature. So go for it and check your emails or take an Instagram photo of your window scenery from the road. They’d also love you even more if you tag it #gogreyhound. Please don’t stream video during your travels, however, because everyone on the bus has to share that bandwidth! Also, almost every single seat possesses its own go to power outlet, so you can keep all your devices charged all the way to where you need to be.. Stepping off the bus with a fully charged phone is totally sweet if you’re walking around a new place.That being said, Greyhound certainly knows how to make up for its sketchy- not-so-cool secrets with providing you with all the necessities you need for your technology needs.

Watch the video below to hear this guy’s bad experiences with Greyhound!